Quality travels at the speed of Wei Tai Express, with more than 1.300 colors of leather in prompt delivery. 

Wei Tai Leather is the innovative service of leather in prompt-delivery    by Wei Tai. With more than 1.300 colors always in stock, ready to be shipped within 48 hours of your order, Wei Tai Express is a unique combination of product and service. It allows you to order and receive the exact quantities of leathers you need on a just-in-time basis. Color, assortment, speed and flexibility – all of these advantages on over          2 km of shelves, holding over 300,000 square meters of leathers, for    the footwear, leather goods, furniture, automotive, marine and aviation sectors.

Whether you are an architect or design fashion, interiors, cars, planes or yachts, Wei Tai Express offers a simple and versatile solution: from samples to micro collections that need to be created in a matter of weeks, from capsule collections to more substantial productions, you can count on a range of over 1.300 colors, with orders as small as a single skin.
Designing, experimenting and innovating has never been easier.
Wei Tai Express: the just-in-time service revolution, backed by Wei Tai’s guarantee of quality, reliability and experience.



Wei Tai Express covers a wide range of applications – select your area and begin to browse the over 30 collections available.

+1.300 COLORS

Each collection has been created and developed to meet specific needs, while the color range has been specially designed to bring out the best in our leathers.


Wei Tai Express was created to meet the needs of all those designers, stylists and architects who require small quantities in a wide range. When you find the color you like, click on the “Request Info”, or on the “Add to Request List” button to select multiple products. Your request will go straight to our Customer Service team with all the data we need to get back to you. This will enable you to get information about prices, terms of sale and delivery.


After you submit your order, we will send you confirmation, indicating the exact quantities we have set aside for you, and within 48 hours your leathers will be ready to be shipped.


Our international logistics network offers different types of delivery, depending on the final destination and transit times.