Core value/ sustainability

sustainability, Quality, Inovation,

sustainability, Quality, Inovation,

Wei-Tai is committed to protecting our planet, and continues to move forward with the progressive goal of "satisfying the needs of contemporary people without harming the environment". To achieve this, Wei-Tai has improved energy efficiency, upgraded the indoor and outdoor environmental quality, and reduced environmental impact through effective management and continuous process review.


LWG GOLD RATE certification SATAR laboratory certification ISO14001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification


With the pursuit of ideals and the mission of assuming social responsibilities, Wei-Tai continues to evolve, innovate and create. By fostering a spirit of exploration, we bravely think outside the box and propose practices, based on industry insights, that are different from the convention. Supported by technological methods, investment in new machinery, upgrading processes, and improving the operating environment, Wei-Tai is meeting challenges and leading the industry forward. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know Wei-Tai and look forward to discovering new possibilities with you!

Wei Tai Values

We believe that Our People and our Family Come First in our decision making. We believe that we must protect the Environment in order to protect our People, our customers, and our business. We believe that business Growth is the best way to have a bigger, more positive impact on the world. We believe that Innovation in our products, our processes, and our people is the best way to drive Sustainable Growth.


Recycled-water has reduced water consumption by 65%. Multi-program wastewater biochemical treatment has reduced the residue output by more than 60%. Large-scale greening around the factory area has reduced the impact of heat, enhanced the soil volumetric moisture content, purified the air, and reduced noise pollution.


Wei-Tai has been deeply involved in the manufacturing industry for many years and is highly regarded by many brands. This well-earned reputation is due to an on-going insistence on "high quality". Maintaining high-quality products is achieved through scientific and technological means that enable continuous innovation and product improvement. Our products routinely undergo data-based inspections that ensure quality standards and met. "High quality" is not only the essence of our products but is the ethos of every aspect of Wei-Tai's operations.

Wei Tai Mission Statement

Wei Tai exists to Provide Leathers to the world that our employees are proud to make, and our customers are proud to use.